About eMCe plac drug awareness program

The youth cultural club eMCe plac is an alternative hot spot for youth from various social backgrounds. Youth spend a large portion of their free time here where they are comfortable and trust the employees – which were the two main reasons for setting up the program eMCe plac drug awareness.


The beginnings of the program started at the end of 2016, when, after talking with youth and youth workers, we realized that young people are increasingly exposed to the use of illegal drugs. We started to create a program with which we would make users aware and awaken their critical thought through creativity and reduce the risk of them becoming drug users or addicts.


Among other various personal projects, we connected with other associations that operate in the area of addiction and information and we also put up a shelf with leaflets and fliers.


The program »eMCe plac drug awareness« is therefore a reaction to the growing accessibility and use of drugs among youth in our local community and our contribution to the wider solution of the issue.


The program is supported by the Ministry of Health (2017 – 2019) and the Municipality of Velenje.


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